Tre Lb And The Legendary 2019 Summer

Tre Lb dominated the summer of 2019! Kicking things off at Summer Rap Jam, to the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2019 and all the way to coasts of New England. Tre continues to take the city of Detroit all around the United States. However, this summer will soon not be forgotten. His presence was felt throughout the grounds in Indiana and saves the headliner on night one at Leathal Weekend. And he arrives on the third day to perform live with Shaggy 2 Dope. All in all, it has been a truly remarkable season. And a memorable year.

But let's talk about what Tre Lb did on the first night of Leathal Weekend. It was a warm hot night off the shores of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Just north of the Massachusetts border, there's a venue known as Cloud 9. A three floor building that is home to the annual event. And this year, R.A The Rugged Man headlined night one. And the fans filled Cloud 9 with love and anticipation. But, something went terribly wrong. R.A had a what they call a "You Fucked Up Moment" that was not entirely his fault. So, he stood without a beat, or music and called for a beat-boxer. And the man who answered the call was Tre Lb himself.

Uncertain, R.A made sure that Tre could in fact beat box. And once this was confirmed the two performed on stage together. It is safe to say that Shaggy 2 Dope is no longer the only superhero in the underground. Even on day three, Tre Lb took the stage with his Dog Beats jersey and performed along side his brother. A family reunion that had not been seen on the East Coast since the FTFOMF tour. And the entire building cheered for the performance. Leathal Weekend belonged to not only the fans, but to each and every one of us who wished we could have been there. Myself included.

This year's Gathering of the Juggalos was the 20th annual. Another event that Tre Lb took complete domination over. From the Shaggy Pajama Party, to the surprise Dog Beats set at the seminar tent. The juggalos expected fresh news and instead, they got something more. Again, making his mark not only in the Juggalo community, but in the world of music itself. Defining moments that shape a legacy. And we will be seeing more come the cold seasons. I know in my heart of hearts, this is only the beginning. Trust me when I tell you, there is certainly more to come.

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