@SwingDeeDiablo Host's: The Dark Hip-Hop Festivle

Do you Like Drinking beer and getting blazed. Well Come out and do that shit with some of the Wickedest Rappers in the Underground! Brimstone Lab teams up with the Chop Shop to bring you The dark hip hop Festival!!! Featuring performances by Tre Lb. Daniel Dahmer, Sounds of Xtra Overdoze, HB The Grizzly,Suicide Saints,KillaZ dont talk, Konspiracy Kamp, Kaos Anubis and Cykotik asN3W AG3 OF T3RROR#AcidAcademy #HemlockBloodstain #OuijaBoardBricks & More! Your not going 2 want 2 miss this special performance!

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June 22nd, 2019 @ The Trumbullplex 4210 Trumbull Detroit, MI 48208 #DarkHipHop #TheBrimstoneLabCollective #TheTrumbullplex #Detroit visit: https://www.thebrimstonelab.com for more info! For Booking or Sponsorship Email: thelab5118@yahoo.com blackmagiktheinfidel1972@gmail.com devilrap@gmail.com

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