Tre Lb Continues to Bust Heads With his Axe Through 2018 Into 2019

Leading up to the Epic Fuck the Fuck Off Mother Fucker

Tour, Tre Lb. Has been leaving the streets in flames behind his tire tracks. We Have not updated the website in a very long time and we must apologize for that. There is much to talk about!

The 10th Annual 4/20 Smoke-a-holics Show

We Kicked off 2018 With a very special 420 Celebration at The

10th Annual 4/20 Smoke-a-holics show featuring our friends Medikal Recordz and Project Born!  It was at Hot Rock Sports Bar & Music Cafe also known as the Ritz!  The stage was on fire and we were able to light our joint's off of it so to say the least the night was fresh!

Big Shout out to Jay Wylie!!!

Juggalo Prom

5-26-18- As the year moved on, love was in the air and it was time for the Juggalos and Juggalettes to have a special celebration. That's right Chop Shop was in the house to serenade nedens at the infamous Juggalo Prom!!!  We mopped the floor of the Loft in Lansing with neden juice that night!   Shout out to every one who came out and showed love.

Outdoor Underground Gathering

7-14-18- When it was time to start heating it up for the summer we hit Ohio for the 5th annual outdoor underground Gathering and visited our awesome fresh homie Ms Cyanide.  For ninja's who are on there way to the gathering and need a pit stop this is the perfect event, featuring outdoor camping and a bunch of dope performances.


We are confirmed for the 6th annual Outdoor Underground Gathering once again @toneys Sports bar in Coshocton (2326 S. 6th street) We will be performing on day one of this two day event that takes place July 12 2019! If your wig is somehow still attached to your scalp I've got one more tid-bit of info for your anus....The homie Damien Quinn the Leatherface of Wisconsin will be in the house dabbing your face off with that wicked Cult Shit! This is the first time Ohio has seen Tre Lb and Damien Quinn together since the Underground Resurrection tour in 2012! Please don't miss this awesome amazeballs event!

This show also happend in September

The Season of the Pumpkin Was Slaughtered!

 Not only did Tre LB kill a new Halloween joint with Max Julian

(see above), But he also rocked two dope ass shows to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday!!!! First an elite group of underground artist including Medikal Recordz, Brimstone Lab, and, Xtraoverdoze, Commited Arson on the Stage Of the Bullfrog in Redford Mi...  This arson was committed in celebration of Danial Dahmers new Release "Hello Kitty Choppaz N Gucci Rompers".  So obviously Daniel Dahmer and Tre Lb. along with Max Julian spit  rap's as the venue burned to the ground. This was all before Halloween even started!

As if that wasn't enough  flavor for your face. Tre LB and Max then proceeded to kill a set at the legendary Hallowicked Clown Show!!!! That same day we were inspired to start working on a video for GTA Murder City Halloween.  Keep your Eyes peeled so that video can smack you in your Pupils around October 2019.

Some Royal Mouth Dryness from Highness

The O.G. Roosevelt(the new owner) has re-opened the doors to Detroit's biggest venue on the East side...the legendary Harpos!  This crazy bastard noticed how the mouth's of Metro Detroiters were getting extremely dry, and he decided to do something about it.  So,  he consulted the Kings of this category, yes ladies and gentlemen the Kottonmouth Kings!!!  They told Roosevelt all the people of Metro Detroit needed was to hydrate with a fresh ass Tre Lb. performance that opened up the show! Good times.  A lot of O.G. Juggalo homies got to see Tre Lb  live for the first time at this show, and I thought this was super fresh!!!! 

Tre Lb. Brings in the New Year With Roxxx Tv and Lars

2019 Got turnt all the way the fuck up right off the gate!!!!  This party embodied what Hip-Hop is. Everything you love about an under ground show was here.  The boom bap vibes were flowing. Even Bizzars Hype man Fury Killed a set where he did the cabbage patch like it was his job!!!   ( is his job). 

  One lucky person took home a gang load of edibles and some cash thanks to the Roxxx TV Raffle.  Be on the look out for Roxxx TV freebies at upcoming Tre Lb  events, because Roxxx TV is now the official management team for Tre Lb and the Chop Shop Squad! You can contact Bobb Roxxx for any booking, appearances, collaborations,sponsorship and basically anything you need from Tre and the Squad!

The Adventure did not stop there so... you can Fuck the Fuck off Mother Fucker!!! if you think it did!!!

All this 2018 shit was just a big build up to the real Adventure.  What started as a Midwest run turned into a whole national tour spot for Tre Lb. on the Shaggy 2-Dope FTFOMF tour. 

This shit was Epic ya'll!!!  Roxxx TV, D.J. Dankish, Max Julian and Kasper all came through and showed mad luv and support.  We can't thank the Big Bro 2-Dope enough for this opportunity !!!  Oujia Mac Smoked countless Backwood blunts with the crew (thank you Oujia) 

  Cost to Cost, Juggalos were introduced to live samples of the upcoming Tre Lb. release, Return of the Absent Minded producer (Re-A.M.P.).  The new unreleased Single "They all Float"  seemed to win over any of the skeptics in the crowd every night!

  From the first show in Ann Arbor, too the Full Clip after Party in Worcester, Massachusetts  and down around too

Juggalo day in New Orleans.....Man such an

overwhelming amount of juggalo luv out there!!!    

Stay tuned to: and for more updates on show's, interviews, new music, and videos!!! 

P.S. Make sure you catch us at the Outdoor underground Gathering, the Roxxx TV Summer Jam, The Art of War Show in Toledo OH, and the 20th annual Gathering of the Juggalos!!!

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