Carnival of Carnage only 2 days away!

On Saturday August 26, 2017 Tre Lb, will be performing Carnival of Carnage! This is the very first Jokers Card to be released. He will be performing COC in it's entirety, along side I.C.P. filling in for his late great older brother John Utlser aka John Kick Jazz.

We spoke with Tre today and he had this to say, "It is an honer to have the opportunity to pay homage to my older brother John and I think about him every day. John and Joey were always schooling me on hella shit as a youngster and that's a huge part of how I became the person I am today. John gave me my first lessons on beat making when I was around 12 years old. I remember I roller bladed (yep roller bladed lol) to his house after school one day and he showed me how to count a beat and where the kick and the snare drum go in a typical rap beat. That was super monumental for me! I now make a living creating beats and recording people. Those moments of time he took being a cool big brother that day and schooling me on rythem changed my life!

I also want to thank my other big brothers 2-Dope and Violent J (J's not my biological brother but family none the less) for thinking of me for this occasion. It's so freash and I'm so blessed to be able to pay homage to my big bro like this while rocking the first jokers card word for word front to back with juggalos in Southwest Detroit! This Saturday the Carnival of Carnage will return home and John's soul will live on through his lyrics, through his family...through me!"

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