The Shit Don't Stop Gassed Up Just Dropped

God Bless the New World Order Vol.1 is Upon us! We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the video for "They Live" and we want thank everyone out there in internet-land who liked and shared it.

The digital download is available many places on the net including here . It Don't stop there though baby! The physical Copies are getting printed up and shoved in envelopes as we speak!! Nobody has seen the real album cover yet!!

The record release party is almost sold out and is also still in full effect!! The only bad news is that due to scheduling conflicts body bag syndikate will not be in the house. Get your tickets while they are still available!!

In other news... Chop Shop has been confirmed to perform at the gathering of the juggalos Thursday night on the Chaos Stage. This will be an explosive live performance unlike anything Chop Shop has ever done before. You don't wan't to miss this.

If that ain't enough freshness for your face you can go all out and catch Tre Pound Live, paying homage to his late great older brother John Utsler, along side Shaggy and J for a once in a lifetime performance of the first jockers card.... Carnival of Carnage. click here for more info on the Carnival of Carnage show .

Like everything in this world now days, this message has been censored by the New World Order... So stay tuned in until next time kids!!!

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