Here is The Album you have been waiting for this whole year!


1-intro - Tre Lb. Is let loose on two terrified victims who gets slaughtered in The Chop Shop. Then Tre pound receives an interesting call


2- Re-A.M.P.-this song sets the tone for the album with Daniel Dahmer and Tre Clowning left and right on a beat reminiscent to the old kmk/icp styles of the late 90's.


3-They all float- This song is the cornerstone of this record!!! This alternative trap rap cross over influenced by the classic story of IT and Pennywise the Clown is sure to unleash your inner bad ass. Check out the video now!



4-Impact crash- Chop Shop has a long history of incorporating car-themed lyrics in their songs. They also have a history with King Gordy. The instrumental contains a sample of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven so strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride hahaha


5-Do what we do- Da Boy J of Atilla's trap rock side project drops fire on this heavy rock star party tack. "We do what we do" 808's and live electric guitars keep your head and your system banging when you bump this one.


6-on a roll- This is The definition of a banger! Tre Lb., The underground sensation Xtra Overdoze and the former BET freestyle Friday competitor Hatch bring a triple threat of seasoned mic skills on a rapid fire track sure to leave your head spinning.


7-No Redo's- this is a very blunt skit


8-Lessons- this song tells some all too familiar stories


about struggling with life's hustles addictions and how the system screws you from the start.


9-Unity- Detroit Hip-Hop history is in these lyrics! Cousin of the late great D12 artist Proof, Max Julian has roots in a camp that at one time had beef with the camp Tre Lb. Is native too(Psychopathic Records). Tre tells the story of His brother Shaggy 2 Dope squashing the beef with Proof at a 2 live crew show in Detroit and Max Delivers an ode to Proof sraight from the heart.


10-Back To Back Blunts- This is the weed smokers anthem. Baltimore native Uncle Spaceman and Miami native Wil E. Haze are the perfect stoner buddies to elevate this 420 friendly track to the top of your smoke session playlist.


11-Ghost Ride The Whip -Boom bap piano slap underground wicked chop shop barz


12-Mad-This ballad/dance/rap song portays a young man shaking off the devil in his ear and transducing negative energy onto positive. The beginning of this song was written on the piano when Tre was goning through a deppresed period in his life abrupt attention grabbing beat changes and meaningful lyrics from the heart solidify clasic status for this song.


13-GTA - A tribute to rockstar games GTA series also features Max Julian and comes with an action packed halloween influenced music video! Check it out on the Roxxxtv you tube channel.


14-Damaged- Tre Lb. reflects on the struggles of growing up fast and losing his oldest brother John Utsler and his mother Donna Heyer on this album! A Closing power song featuring his older brother Shaggy 2-Dope of the legendary Detroit duo Insane Clown Posse. Acoustic and electric guitars along with 808's and live drums create a bed of music for the vocals that alow you to appreciate the musical structure that was put into this return of the absent minded produceror project.


Return of the Absent Minded Producer (CD)

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