It all Started in Southwest Detroit with a Rapping machine from outer space named Sol, and a mad Scientist that goes by the name of Tre Pound...

    Tre was busy working on a stolen 1958 Plymouth Fury inside of an old abandoned garage when he was disrupted by strange lights and noises outside, followed by a loud boom.  Terrified of what might be lurking in the darkness, he grabbed the biggest pipe wrench he could find.  Nervously awaiting the outcome he makes his way outside to investigate the situation.

      He discovers the remains of a crashed UFO!  As the creature who occupied the craft makes his way out of the rubble, Tre starts to panic!    His first instinct is to get the fuck out of there, but how?  The car he was working on didn't run and he was in the middle of the worst part of town. 

      After thinking about it for a moment he says to himself, "Fuck it, my life is so fucked up, what do I got to lose?  Besides how many people can say they smoked a blunt with E.T."

     He light's a pre-rolled blunt and approaches the being with a peace offering.  The creature looked humanoid except half of the skin on his face was burned off exposing a metallic like bone structure and one red glowing Eye.  He immediately recognizes the aroma and starts reaching for the blunt yelling "give me some fuel!!"

      Turns out this alien is a stoner.  As the two strangers become acquainted they realize they have a lot to offer each other.  Tre's combination of scientific and mechanical skill qualify him to repair Sol's UFO, and Sol's bulletproof metallic bone structure Made car-jackin' a breeze.  Together they go into business and open the CHOP SHOP.

      Over the years Sol open's Tre's eyes to the fact that there are many humanoid Cyborg extraterrestrial beings on Earth controlling the human race.  He introduces Tre to Big Sneak the noble creature of the Elohiem (one of them on our side). 

    Sometime around 2012 Sol Disappeared never to be seen on earth again.  Many say he finally got his ship fixed and made his journey to the mother ship.  Now Big Sneek and Tre Lb. have teamed up to run the Chop Shop.  Making it their mission to open the eyes of the human race, stop police brutality, and unify the creatures of Earth.